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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 69; The Slog

Thanks for the Morn's Laughter award.

O'Brien: "Okay, Garak left me this instruction manual for while he's away. "Meeting Bashir For Lunch". Do I have to discuss "post-modernist Cardassian literature, with particular emphasis on the more uncomfortably suggestive titles"?

Bashir: "Yes".

Sisko: "Captain Solok has popped 6 million, three hundred thousand bubbles for 30 million, two thousand and twenty three points. Grab your PADD, Chief, and get popping. Remember, DO NOT touch the blue bubbles, they detract points".

O'Brien: "I, er, have work to do on the reactor core"

Sisko: "Not anymore you don't".

Morn: "We don't like these Klingonses, do we precious? They tries to steal it from us, they do! They tries to steal our ale..."
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