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Re: Some "Court Martial" notes.

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...also, I still prefer the Ion Pod as the little one-man nub at the bottom of the sensor dome on the underside of the primary hull (as seen in Mandel's manual). I like it better than the pod location seen in the Remastered eps.
Well, it would be easier for Finney to hide in the secondary hull, assuming that's where sections 18Y through 23D on B deck are located, in or near Engineering, were the ion pod located on the secondary hull.

Before TOS-R, I imaged the pod being extended out from the secondary hull on a boom, say below the hull, and certainly not hidden behind the curvature of the hull. The scorch marks, evidently from jettisoning the old pod, kind of suggest that the TOS-R ion pod sits snug against the hull, and the location at the back is behind the hull's curvature. I wasn't thrilled with TOS-R's interpretation, either.

There's a picture at
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