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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Steve looks like an older Dave from Kick-Ass and the kid "Ian" looks like Mindy!! His art in "Avengers" was horrid...he actually managed to make Spider-Woman look ugly! His "Kick-Ass" art though is awesome. I don't understand the contrast lol. I'm digging the story in "Captain America" though.
In marvel books he doesn't get to say who his inker(s) are. They can saddle him with some real turds, and you can't be an asshole and tell some one they suck, becuase then they'll never leave while they stop "trying", so then your work gets even worse.

John Byrne went a special kind of insane while doing Namor in the early nineties. He wrote, pencilled, inked, coloured and LETTERED the book for several months.
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