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Re: Why is it Deep Space "9"?

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B5 started on February 22, 1993 with it's pilot. DS9 started on January 3, 1993. So that's over a month ahead... to say nothing of the fact that B5 waited a full year after their pilot episode thingie before they aired weekly.
Well, actually JMS was developing B5 for five years before the pilot got made, and he did pitch it to Paramount. But that doesn't make it any less ridiculous and wrong to accuse DS9 of ripping off B5 just because they were both set on space stations. There used to be a good Usenet post by Robert Hewitt Wolfe that systematically demolished the accusation, which was preserved on Google Groups and which I had bookmarked for easy reference, but now I get a 404 Not Found for it.
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