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Remove One Letter

I'm sure we've played a game like this before, but on another forum I frequent someone started a thread, and I thought I'd reproduce it here.

Take a film, a book, a game, etc, and remove one letter from the title, to give a (hopefully) humorous alternative. Here are mine from the other board:

Moby-Ick: The white whale's condition is revealed to be the result of white-spot disease, perhaps due to Ishmael's ongoing insistence that a whale is a fish.

Oldfinger: The third film featuring post-retiree James Bond. A geriatric businessman smuggles pills and false teeth, and plans to contaminate Walmart to increase the value of his own pill supply. Can Bond stop his diabolical scheme?

To Kill A Mocking-bid: Powerful literary tale of prejudice and the fight for justice, as the protagonist's father auctions off his prized possessions only to meet with sneering offers that seriously devalue the items in question.

Little Wome: American post-Civil War classic in which Pontius Pilate attempts to balance domesticity, work and true love while reflecting on his place in society.

A Hundred Ears of Solitude: Latin America has problems, but no-one's listening to them.
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