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Re: Delivery companies

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I've read a lot of complaints from people living in apartments, gated communities and the like dealing with UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and OnTrac. Is it because the delivery people are in such a rush, they're less careful?
I would think the same could be true for normal residential deliveries as well.

I've lived in apartments, so can't say for sure.

I had two different FedEx drivers delivering packages on the same day.

One driver must have gotten let in by someone else & left the package outside my apartment door. No knock, no ringing of the front door bell, nothing.

The other driver left the package in the foyer of the building. No ringing of the doorbell. The tracking even said it was left in the foyer.

I was home that day, but still the package left in the foyer was stolen (no surprise). The seller got replacement items out pretty quick.

UPS & FedEx regularly leave packages in the hallways where I live now and the office is in my building. No excuse to leave anything in the hallway.

So yeah, if there's a choice, I always go for the seller promising USPS, even if it's a couple dollars more.
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