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Re: La-La Land Records to release 4-disc DS9 soundtrack set!

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Very true, however even the TNG set which was limited to 3 discs had a bit of that sonic wallpaper, especially on Chattaway's disc. (IMHO) the track selection in the TNG set was a bit questionable overall.
I understand it was supposed to be the first of multiple volumes which haven't yet materialized but the TNG set was a real missed opportunity for me, there were too many great cues from Next Generation missed out in favour of episodes with sonic wallpaper. The last disk being particularly weak; Steiner's unremarkable score for Code of Honour and music from 2 episodes that could have been lifted directly from seaQuest.
You're kidding, right? Code of Honor is "unremarkable" ? Really?
Naturally his work on TOS was sublime but I could never bring myself to like the score of this episode (or the episode itself for that matter). To me it lacked in comparison to the scores Jones and McCarthy were producing for the first season which I think are some of Trek's best music. Only my opinion of course.
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