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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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^^^ Oh, I dunno. Tywin's interactions with Arya At Harrenhal were complete fabrications unique to the TV version and they were exceptionally well done, I thought.
They were very good, not least of all because of the excellence of Charles Dance and Maisy Williams. But the scenes in the book between Arya and Roose Bolton might have been just as good had they been left there.
I understand why they had Roose Bolton be Robb's number two man in the season though (especially since the Greatjon actor left), to set him up as an adviser and ally, making "Jaime Lannister sends his regards"* all the more shocking. Of all my Season 2 complaints (and I have many), streamlining the story so Tywin met Arya at Harrenhal isn't one of them, even if it does go on for an episode too long (making Tywin leave Harrenhal at the same time Stannis is already on the sea to Blackwater Bay; by that time frame, Tywin arrived for the Battle of Blackwater in a RIDICULOUSLY short amount of time).

* I've listened to a couple audio book renditions of the Red Wedding and for some reason, NONE of the readers do "Jaime Lannister sends his regards" in the whispery voice of Bolton but instead shout it, even though the figure is wearing a pink cloak and Roose was actually told by Jaime Lannister to send his regards.
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