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Re: Obesity linked to a gut bacteria

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I'm back after an absence due to TrekBBS's hosting service doing some sort of IP block (probably on my subnet). For a week I thought Trek's entire hosting service had crashed and burned. ^_^ It's working for me again.

Anyway, in other strange but somehwat similar news, Fox had a little story about a study to help treat autism with parasitic worms, which might reduce an inflamation. It mentions maternal auto-immune reactions in the womb, along with the parasitic worm angle on Western auto-immune and allergy issues. It was kind of interesting, and made me wonder if perhaps the massive rise in diagnosed attention-deficit disorder might be similar to the rise in allergy problems, or whether giving iPhones to four-year olds might better explain it.
I would explain it more as "Boys can't be boys anymore and must be drugged".

Man am I glad I'm long out of the public education system.
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