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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Interesting... where does the money go then?
Into the BBC pot as a whole, to pay for six TV channels (not counting the two children's channels, as they just take over BBC3 and BBC4's broadcast slots during daytime: counting them as a separate channel is just branding and internal organisation), 10 radio channels, plus local radio, plus the website and iplayer. Plus payoffs for resigning bigwigs.

The problem is that with a near freeze on the licence fee (and the government shifting the cost of the World Service from the foreign office to the BBC), every department is having its budget squeezed, including BBC Wales drama department. And they seem to be making their budget work by reducing the number of episodes of Doctor Who in each financial year (so season 7 was part funded from 2011/12, and apart from 2012/13), rather than make the full run of 13+1 Who episodes in a single year, and dropping some other six part series altogether.

The effects are noticeable in other ways - over on Radio 4, longstanding continuity announcers are taking early retirement rather than do a 'merged' job, experienced news presenters are making far more on-air gaffes (probably because of problems with the systems at New Broadcasting House that there isn't the money to sort out), outtakes are getting left in the transmitted versions of recorded programmes (eg: "But the most important aspects... sorry, But the most important and unexpected aspects of this discovery..." the first bit should have been edited out, but got missed). And so on...
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