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Re: most "wrong" episode...

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Your ethics don't do you much good if you cease to exist as a society. Federation historians and philosophers may look unfavorably on Sisko's actions, but they'll be able to pass those judgements in a free society because of those same actions.
True, but that alone does not automatically mean those actions were right. "The ends justify the means" is a dangerous philosophy for an entity like the Federation to have.

And I'll say this again: I have no problem with good, well thought-out ethical dilemmas presented in episodes or movies. Unfortunately, the "dilemma" presented in "Dear Doctor" is NOT well thought-out, therefore the episode fails miserably.
I agree. Because the dilemma feels forced and ridiculous, the episode falls flat.

it's a shame, because there are some decent dilemmas they could have gotten out of the situation in "dear doctor." For example, what if Phlox fails to find the cure but Archer is asked for their warp technology to go find other species that might help them to find a cure? Since the episode takes place before the PD THAT would have been interesting, since Archer could have made the decision using his own judgement and it wouldn't have been a foregone conclusion.

Instead, we got a fake dilemma based on pseudoscientific nonsense by writers that love to throw around the word "evolution" but don't have the science knowledge of a bright high school junior.
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