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Re: Katawa Shoujo anyone?

Wow, how funny. I just got done playing through this last week, getting all of the endings.

Hanako's bad ending wrecked my shit entirely. That was shocking and devastating.

Rin affected me pretty hard, too. I had to read a bit outside to understand her story completely, but once I did, I realized just how deep it is, and exactly why certain choices get you worse endings.

My favorite I think was Lily, though. That scene in the field where she confesses her love for many feels! Though, playing Lily's story right after Hanako's, I kinda felt like a jerk, leaving her and going to her best friend. There's an indication in one scene that Hanako still develops some feelings for Hisao even in Lily's path.

After playing this, I really wish I had a group of friends I could become as close to as Hisao does to Lily and Hanako, or Misha and Shizune.
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