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Re: Episode of the Week: The Neutral Zone

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There's lot of potential for story arcs at this point in the series. Lots of lovely little nuggets of episode-to-episode continuity. Just think, between the "Conspiracy" aliens sending off a message to more of their kind, to the outposts being destroyed, and then the introduction of the Borg next season (who were originally supposed to be insectoid creatures like the "Conspiracy" aliens)... the potential was there for 'epic'. One wonders if the writer's strike did more damage to the plans of the production team than most of us assume?
I'd really like to know how this was all initially conceived. It's always been my understanding that the Borg-to-be-insectoids were supposed to be directly linked to the "Conspiracy" aliens. Yet, the way they were introduced in the two episodes, makes it seem like they're independent.

Then in Q flings them off to galaxy-parts far, far, away giving us the impression the Borg are no where near Federation territory. And of course, in BoBW, we get the refrain back to TNZ. It's like the writers couldn't make up their minds.

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Another one I liked.
Me too. It's one of my favorites from season 1. Rippy alone is worth the price of admission.
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