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Re: 50th Anniversary eBooks

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But then there's this...

If the thought of William Hartnell leaping into anything seems incongruous to you, well, you're not alone. Colfer's Doctor jumps off a building, muses on Hogwarts, Marmite and his dislike of Blake's 7, and even has a weird moment of prescience where he wishes he was as fit and healthy as his eleventh incarnation.

I repeat what I said earlier in the thread. Anyone who wants a really great First Doctor-era story that both looks at the Hartnell era from a 21st century perspective (through Susan's POV, the 60s seem as barbaric as the Tribe of Gum while still having enough inherent charm to make her want to stay) but also a First Doctor who, uh, acts like the First Doctor (he's never even called the Doctor nor is the TARDIS named; only "Grandfather" and "the Ship"), please try to track down a copy of the novella Time and Relative by Kim Newman. It's exactly the sort of thing this SHOULD be; old and new, aware of what comes later but respectful of what came before, provides new and fascinating insights into Susan (especially) and the Doctor's characters while also managing a very good and believable adventure too, all from a respected writer who's made a name for himself outside of Who yet knows the show very well.
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