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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 69; The Slog

Bashir: Chief, Penthouse went out of business three centuries ago.


Bashir: Oh this is just so wrong.

According to my calendar, Major, it's been three months since you've made any social arrangements.

Odo! How would you know that?

I can't morph into catsuits, if that's what you're getting at, Major.

Well, I...huh?

Any idea how we are going to solve this new obsession with Letters to Penthouse, Chief?

Well, once on the Enterprise, Captain Picard was going to attack the Borg with a paradoxical geometric form put in the mind of a boyish Borg. We could try something like that here, sir.

Well? Are you saying a geometric form can act as an antidote to our sexy letters?

No sir. I was just thinking about putting the Major in a leather bodysuit, sir.

Bashir: Thank goodness we have our Sammy Davis Junior impressions to help us through this crisis, Jake.

That's swinging, man.

Morn: Narc.
Worf: What? Did you say something?
Morn: ....
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