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The weakness of season 3

So Voyager lost it's way in season three and just threw a load of very average or downright awful episodes at us and quite understandably brought Seven in to save the day...with each viewing, i realise more and more just how poor it is.....what are people's opinions of some of the rubbish that we're given in season 3

(An attempt to pull in hardcore Trekkers with some Sulu nonsense and a memory engram) - Not terrible

The Chute (The worlds most boring prison makes Tom and Kim become angry until everyone gets bored)

The Swarm (space bees bother the crew and the Doctor goes funny but B'lanna fixes him with a replacement that can never be copied *cough* living witness *cough*)

False Prophets (Ferenghi...snore....Quark i can live with but the Ferenghi in general bore me)

Remember (memories of hot sex with aliens.....bored now)

Sacred Ground (God exists and turns out to be 3 annoying people because science doesn't have all the aswers so if you're religious, it's ok to watch Star trek)

Futures End (Starling knows how to do things that future people can't even comprehend.....makes doctor police are not pleased with events and won't send Voyager home but feel bad about it so let the doctor keep his future emmitter)

Warlord (Writers realise that Kes character is going nowhere so we'll let her have some fun before she leaves.....and put her in a cat suit....hmmm....doesn't look good, maybe a different actress would look hotter)

The Q and the Grey (eh? what?....Q war....oh all right then....have a baby because clicking fingers to make one is time consuming)

Macrocosm (little things get big and attack!.....Janeway fannies about a bit)

Fair Trade (Neelix is boring and his friend Wixiban is more interesting but hey it's too late to swap now)

Alter Ego (disturbed and insane woman plays with the crew....and even though she's insane, she still smart enough to find Kim too boring and focuses on Tuvok instead cos he's got logic balls and such)

Coda ( a time it a, it's dad and he wants you to come into his matrix and nourish him but Janeway tells him to go back to hell)

Blood Fever (when you've got pon farr, logically, you either have sex or have AN EPIC BATTLE TO THE DEATH.....cos nothing cures a desease like a punch up....maybe we should have Vorik take this one cos it's already getting a bit silly......hey but there's a dead Borg so things might be getting good soon)

Unity (Snorefest....but again lets highlight the Borg angle cos it's where we're going for the finale)

Darkling (Doctor goes weird and Kes meets a boring man.....Doctor quite rightly tries to kill boring man cos Lord Byron was a horny sod or something)

Rise (An episode dedicated to showing us that Tuvok finds Neelix annoying.....who the fuck doesn't.....oh and a massive space lift)

Favourite Son (Hot lady planet wants to eat Harry's brain or something cos there's not enough men on the hot lady planet so they trick men into coming to the hot lady planet with sweets and glitter.....20 minutes into the episode, Harry Kim happily accepts that his mother was a fake and his former life was meaningless)

Before and After (kes tries to travel backward in time to avoid ever meeting Neelix....Kim impregnates Tom's daughter with a small annoying boy....Kes says, hey, it's not just the Borg coming up next season but also the Krenim with their timey whimey technology)

Real Life (Kenneth creates a family but then B'Lanna changes it and makes Kenneths son a massive tool and his daughter die horribly because that's more realistic, Kenneth is upset and tells Tom....Tom says, i'm so sorry with a straight face even though it's all make believe....Kenneth goes back to doctoring)

Distant Origin (Dinosaurs left earth and now swan about in massive ships) - Not terrible

Displaced (Voyager plays musical chairs with Nyrians (humans wearing hats) and then fixes it all which is something Jarlath and his people couldn't manage in over nine years)

Worst Case Scenario (Tuvok programmes the Maquis to be what they should have been from the start and reminds us that Seska was the best Voyager baddie and they probably shouldn't have killed her off) - Not terrible

Scorpion (finally a woman that can make a catsuit look good....Janeway becomes erratic and contradictory) - Not terrible

Most of the episodes are forgettable and weak with only a handful of half decent episodes - and Scorpion was, for me, the first time i really disliked Janeway (not something you should generally want your audience to do) helping the Borg to destroy another race because we want to go home is fine (unless it's the Ocompa of course) they try to tell a story about individuality by bringing Janeway and Chakotay into conflict but all they achieved was actually making Janeway appear utterly erratic....even after Chakotay explains that the Borg attacked species 8472 first and tried to infiltrate their fluidic space.....Janeway still thinks her plan to help the Borg wipe them out is ya know, completely fine

but on the up side, here comes a woman that can really work that catsuit
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