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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

The Toy Fair material is official in that it's advertising from an official BBC licensee, issued with BBC Worldwide's approval, designed to encourage toy shops to stock Doctor Who toys by telling them how much on-screen promotion (in the form of episodes) the BBC will be giving Doctor Who.
It's ironic that this has come out just as the new Argos catalogue has been released, giving a very practical demonstration of how the retailers currently view Doctor Who's sales prospects.
18 months ago the Argos Doctor Who range took up a page and a half.
In the new catalogue it consists of... nothing.
Nothing at all. Zip, zero, sweet FA. Not one single piece of Doctor Who merchandise in the entire place (and it's as bad in Tesco's toy section).
Hope those brand managers are getting a good salary, 'cos they might be lucky to get a bonus this year...
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