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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

6. Waiting for Superman: B
7. Grindhouse: Planet Terror: B-
8. Grindhouse: Death Proof: C+
9. Zero Dark Thirty: A
10. Last Stand: B

Planet Terror, this part directed by Robert Rodriquez, is a bio-zomibe attack type film. It's enjoyable in the throwback manner of which it's intended. It wouldn't be my first choice for rewatch of this type genre film and I didn't find the portions with the BBQ stand/gas station character all that integral but it was fun. I like Michael Bien so it was great to see him with a co-starring lead in this. Props for humor when the love scene is about to really get started and suddenly you get the "missing reel, sorry for the inconvenince" sight gag and the next reel picks up with the place on fire!!

Death Proof, directed by Quentin, is stalker horror film led by Kurt Russell. The first half shows how creepy, passive aggressively dangerous he can be and him killing a group of early 20-somethings. The second half he has the tables turned on him. Russell plays "Stuntman Mike" and it's great to see him get his due in the end. The funny, unanswered question when the film ends is that the Mary Elisabeth Winestead character was left behind at some backwoods property of the guy's car they took out for a test drive. He was left with the idea she was a quite adult film star. It doesn't help she was dressed in a cheerleader outfit. Tarrentino with his ties to TN uses the state in his films so this one was interesting in that the second half of the film is in Lebanon TN, just 20 so so miles down I-40 from me.

Zero Dark Thirty I thought was a tense film to watch. The actors all did a great job showing the stress, anxiety and pressures of the task at hand. It becomes very personnel to Chastain's character(Maya) after being on the periphery of one attack, losing colleagues in another and then being shot at directly. I don't think the film, as good as it was, is necessarily a Best Picture winner but it's good enough to be in the discussion at least. This is literally my first real exposure to Jessica Chastain and she did indeed deliver a great performance.

Last Stand: As I stated in this film's thread it was fun but not great. With the middling expectations I had it reached those for a B grade. It's a solid renter for sure. It was a guilty pleasure I allowed myself. This time of year I've got gift cards to burn so I'm a bit more free with my personal rules on seeing theatrical films. Johnny Knoxville isn't in the film enough or overtly to ruin it. It makes me wonder what his agent pulled to get second billing. Jaime Alexander deserved second billing. She's at least throughout the whole film and not just mainly the last act like Knoxville.
I see the film as a type of metaphor for Arnold's "comeback". In the film Ray(Arnold) has moved out to smallville USA to get away from the rough police work in LA he was active in at one time. So when the escaped Federal drug lord comes screaming his way a transformation occurs. Easy going, know everyone in town Ray has to reawaken the tough cop he was that has been idle inside him. So you see a more sluggish Arnold in the first act and by the end he's into the fight, those skills are alive and kicking. Kinda like how Arnold's hoping his post-Governship career goes I'd guess. The big plot hole in the film that I see is:
While I admit it's a renter I did think more Arnold fans would show up out of if nothing else curiosity. It opened in tenth place. Jeesh.
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