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Re: Going Veggie

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tsq, I must try your chilli recipe, though with maybe a quarter of the spices. Yeah, I'm a complete and utter heat wimp. One ingredient I always add to my chilli is a small spoonful of cocoa powder. It sounds odd if you've never come across it, but a friend who's an incredible cook (she wrote a cookbook for pressure cookers) told me about this. The chilli doesn't taste remotely chocolatey, of course, but the cocoa powder adds a lovely depth to the flavour.
If you describe yourself that way, do so. I like some spicyness and It was a bit much for me! The cocoa sounds like an awesome addition.

Making another soup tonight, an Iranian Eshkaneh soup. Lots of onions and stuff, will report back later so ya'll know if it was any good.
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