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Re: Favorite Garak moments! Go!

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As for (one of) my favorite Garak scene; when Dukat arrives at the station in By Purgatory's Shadow and nearly strangles Garak because Garak is talking to Ziyal, Garak still has the nerve to say goodbye to Ziyal, saying to Dukat he does have a lovely daughter and that she must take after her mother.
Hahaha! I love it. Garak has got to be one of the cheekiest Cardassians in history.

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The Wire - One of my favorite episodes in all of Star Trek. Garek and Bashir have such great chemistry in this one.
I LOVE The Wire. It's the first time we see Garak drop his cheery facade, and get a glimpse of the complex, tortured person underneath. Robinson is amazing in that episode. I'm surprised it took until late Season Two for the writers to realize what an asset he was to them. Up until The Wire, he was sadly under-used.

Also, I wonder: if all of Garak's stories about how he became an exile are true... then which parts? Obviously not the part about his "friend" Elim, because Garak IS Elim. Was he saying that he betrayed himself?

Oy. Sorry. I know, if this became a Garak Speculation thread, it could go on forever.
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