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Easy Episode Rating Thread: TNG S1

With the season finale having "aired" on Episode of the Week, it's time to rate the episodes.

You can rate them almost any way you want to. For example:
  • List all episodes from favorite to least favorite
  • Assign a score to each episode
  • List just your favorite episodes, or your favorite and least favorite
I'll construct a preferential ballot from your post and tally the results with the Schulze/Beatpath/CSSD method.

Here’s mine:
Skin of Evil

Like it
The Arsenal of Freedom

OK, but nothing special except by S1 standards
Where No One Has Gone Before
The Big Goodbye

Encounter at Farpoint
The Naked Now
Lonely Among Us
The Battle
Hide & Q
Home Soil
Coming of Age
Heart of Glory
We'll Always Have Paris

Code of Honor
The Last Outpost
Angel One
Too Short a Season
When the Bough Breaks
The Neutral Zone
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