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Re: Going Veggie

I'm loving this thread, especially the recipes. teacake, your salads are must-haves!

My husband has been a pesco-vegetarian (he eats fish and dairy, but no other meat) for almost 30 years. I was much the same for several years, but after the birth of my third child I had some health issues that left me needing to start eating meat again from time to time (giving birth 3 times within 3 1/2 years will do that to you). I don't cook with meat often for cost reasons, and stick mostly to vegetarian pastas and bakes. My children like different kinds of meat, though they like most of my veggie dishes as well.

tsq, I must try your chilli recipe, though with maybe a quarter of the spices. Yeah, I'm a complete and utter heat wimp. One ingredient I always add to my chilli is a small spoonful of cocoa powder. It sounds odd if you've never come across it, but a friend who's an incredible cook (she wrote a cookbook for pressure cookers) told me about this. The chilli doesn't taste remotely chocolatey, of course, but the cocoa powder adds a lovely depth to the flavour.

I'm a huge fan of my slow cooker. Chillies, stews and sauces taste better when they've been slow-cooked for hours on a low temperature than when they've been whipped up on the hob/stove top. My most-often cooked slow cooker dish is a tomato-based veggie pasta sauce.

I came across this fun article on the BBC website today: Twenty tales of vegetarian woe. Even though my husband eats fish he sometimes has trouble finding something to eat in pubs and restaurants.
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