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Re: 50th Anniversary Special - Eccleston Reconsidering?

diankra wrote: View Post
There is also a reasonably well sourced story that at some point during shooting of the Dalek/Father's Day block he remarked to RTD: "Why aren't all the scripts as good as this?" Which was a bit tactless as RTD had written all but one of the scripts he'd done up till then, and didn't help the atmosphere between them.
Harsh but very true. Wish Rob Shearman came back to write more episodes. I actually much prefer Jubilee to Dalek, great as Dalek is.

Konata Izumi wrote: View Post
I wonder if Aliens of London/World War Three was less dull if the script was realized in a more naturalistic manner.
I think Aliens of London isn't too bad, albeit showcasing RTD's soap opera fetish, media obsession and reset button laziness too much. I'd say it's the best first 2-parter of a series in his era. I'd definitely take it over the Cybermen, Dalek and Sontaran 2-parters.
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