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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

4x5-Divide and Conquer: An interesting episode if nothing else the underlying attraction of O'Neill and Carter is at play. Apparently the Gou'ald can implant a type of suggestion inside a human to be triggered by an event/word. The Tok'ra are making ready to initiate formal alliance talks with Earth and that's when the subliminal saboteur ability is revealed. The Tok'ra have an experimental machine that can detect if one has been compromised. It relies on the person being 100% truthful in recall upon questioning. Subterfuge triggers a fail on the test and deems you an unwilling spy(I forget the exact word used Z-something). If I were Jack I'd joke and say Zartan. So Jack and Sam are not truthful during questioning cause they are trying to not reveal the attraction. Overall a solid episode all around.

4x6-Window of Opportunity: A time loop episode that was really fun. Jack and his Fruit Loops! The event that starts the loop is a scientist who wants to turn back time to relive moments with his wife who died of a disease but doesn't know he's affecting some 14 other worlds due to the way the Gates are linked through subspace. Staying with the love theme is of course the Jack/Sam kiss. I like how for this time loop show they avoided the sci-fi cliche of taking almost half the episode to catch on. Jack and Teal'c are almost instantly going, WAIT.

4x7-Watergate: I came to think of this as SG-1's micro version of The Abyss. When it first started I did a double take realizing that Marina Sirtis was playing a Russian scientist!! The episode didn't ever really reveal why Mayborne was there. He shows up frozen in the freezer, thaws out and before we get an explanation the urgency of stopping Teal'c is front and center.

4x7-The First Ones: A history lesson for the evolution of Unas AND Gou'ald. More about the Unas than anything else. I guess it would be almost as if you walked through a gate and found a tribe of Neanderthals to interact with. This group of Unas had not evolved in the same manner as the others we've seen. Kinda of a bummer Rothman got killed.
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