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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

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Very Good up to this point. especially enjoy the back story to the cylons. much better than what we got, which Is why I feel NuBSG really faltered in the 3rd and fourth seasons. a war with the old and new cylons would have been especially thrilling. my one question is: why would the "guardian" cylons slaughter the new cylons when they could simply ask for the technology that allows the "new" cylons to grow bodies for download? obviously the new cylons can clone bodies without a consciousnes....
Part of the theme of nBSG (and Caprica) is that emotion overrides logic for the Cylons. The Guardians lost control to the human-forms led by the Ones and were banished. Could they come to an accomodation? Sure. But do they WANT to come to an accomodation? No, because they are acting on the negative emotional content of being rejected, not once, but TWICE. First by the creators and THEN by the ones who gained the flesh and blood that THEY desired. Jealousy, anger, hate, FEAR . . . that drives the Guardians, and the modern Cylons as well.

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