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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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Also, I believe the novelization of ROTS was released before the film.
The novelizations of all the Star Wars prequels were released a month before the theatrical releases. That sort of thing was the norm for all movies back in the day. In fact, it was common for movies which were postponed to still have their novelizations released prior to the originally scheduled release date.

It's only been in recent years when novelizations are held back to either the same day as the film's theatrical release or shortly after. The first one I remember doing this was The Dark Knight.

It's a practice that really consuses me. Oh, yes, "Spoilers are evil," but it's a fact that these days with DVDs and blu-rays being readily available not to mention other means, Netflix, online downloads, the demand for novelizations has gone down. Especially since DVDs and blu-rays include deleted scenes which used to be a novelization's greatest strength. By not releasing the novelization until the movie's release there's no real reason to buy it. I guess it's no wonder hardly anyone bothers with novelizations anymore.

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Now, that's better. See, this is what they should have used, something new. Not a recap of what happened in Trek XI.
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