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Re: Fictional Places to Avoid

Smallville, Kansas seems like a place to avoid. If you don't end up going crazy with some kryptonite induced super-power you end up being hurt by someone who has, or by Clark when he stops them. Add the meteor showers, tornadoes and freak accidents at the LutherCorp plant seems like a dangerous place to live.

I personally wouldn't want to end up in the Harry Potter world either. Hogwarts seems like a dangerous place, between the Voldemort wars, dangerous international gatherings and dark wizards who can kill you as quick as sneezing and get away with it by saying they're 'impiriused'. It'd especially be dangerous for muggle-borns. I don't see how McGonagall in good conscience could invite muggle-borns to Hogwarts after Harry's first year. If I were her I'd tell them to flee the country right away and seek magical education elsewhere like France or United States or Australia. That and that those students never see any traditional education like reading, writing, maths after eleven years old. Sure their subjects use those, but there's no formal education specifically in those. You'd think the politicians need to know how to construct good arguments, the arithmancers how to write out and solve complicated math, etc. Anyway, I'd avoid Hogwarts and most definitely Azkaban as well. Diagon Alley might be cool before Voldemort's rise.
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