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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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CW's content seems more brutal than the usual Disney XD mold so in my mind either CW bends or XD.
But TCW's content is considerably "more brutal" than anything else on Cartoon Network either. The network "bent" because of Lucasfilm's clout. Now Lucasfilm and Disney XD are under the same corporate umbrella, but Lucasfilm still has a lot of clout -- as I said, the Disney conglomerate as a whole wants its acquisitions to retain their established identities and styles.

And it's not like any network's shows are absolutely uniform across the board. Most networks show programs of different levels of maturity at different times of day, and we've got this whole TV ratings system now whose whole point is to let parents know whether a given show is suitable for their kids or not. IIRC, Cartoon Network itself initially prefaced TCW with a content advisory about the violence, one of those "This program may not be suitable for all audiences" things, though they don't seem to do that anymore.
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