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I have to say, at first I didn't like Jadzia, but as her character developed, or the actress got better, I loved her more and more. I like Jadzia for being free thinking, for not being so restricted in who she finds attractive, she can like anyone and everyone (even Ferengi, which I find disgusting) but I just love the whole Trill nature. That much experience in a new body every time must make you able to accept just about anything. Just saw the episode where she got together again with the Trill that previously was the woman she was married to when she was Torias (sorry, am terrible with names without looking them all up, I never forget a face though)... LOVED it. Though my appreciation of Trill culture diminished then, how such a culture could forbid contacts between lovers from a previous life.. it's logical but not sensible for me.

Uhh, anyway. I love Jadzia. Haven't gotten around to Ezra (or whatever her name is) yet, though unfortunately I have found the spoiler, so am dreading Jadzias death.
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