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Re: Being Human (American Version) - Season 3

^^ No kidding!! Glad she's finally out of the sweater and tights, so to speak...

But I have to say I'm disappointed with the way they glossed over the whole issue of bringing the boys back with her.. Dammit.. There was potential there for some real drama.. To explain them coming back with a throw away line about "rubbing some dead guy's parts" on our corpses... Damn lazy story telling if you ask me.. Makes me wonder if they filmed a couple of extra scenes that didn't make air... And won't their grave robbing kind of cause some commotion in the community? It's not like the cemetaries are out in some abandoned part of the county...

Overall, the rest of the episode was pretty good and I like the idea of Sally being corporal, yet untouchable in some respects...
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