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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

I liked the Franken ep. I never expected Gregor to survive the ep. (But now that I think about it - when Whale wanted to lynch Regina didn't he allude to having to get back to his brother?)

Are we to assume that Regina hauled Whale to Storybrooke because she wanted him there and that his brother is back in black and white world languishing?

I always thought Whale liked Ruby. So, I guess he is somewhat happy that the werewolf now pities him and understands.

I think that Emma wanted so badly to believe that the motorist did not see anything that she blinded herself. He was twitchy but she may have chalked that up to guilt over texting. But, the fact that she left him off with a warning just....yeah...too desperate.

Gold was on fire. I loved every scene.
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