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I think Jonathon Archer just wishes he was half a man to start of with.

Yes... he does.
Which episode of Babylon 5 is that from again?

Once More Unto the Breach (***)

Klingons are an odd bunch, they appear to be the most beloved of Star Trek's alien species, but it's very easy to get bored with their obsession with honour and bloodshed. As the last of the dedicated Klingon episodes, this episode suffers some for going over old ground, but it does enough differently to be an enjoyable episode. If Soldiers of the Empire was a generic Klingon episode, then this is more like a very special Klingon episode that explores the serious topic of ageing and dementia.

Kor is like the Klingons' version of Kirk, but while Kirk disappointed his admirers by falling off a bridge to save generic cave-dwelling species #238, Kor disappointed his admirers by failing to die. Now he's old and has the Klingon version of Alzheimer's, and he can't get a command of his own any more. Worf agrees to help him without bothering to check if Kor is mentally fit for command, and this results in a bunch of people dying unnecessary deaths. Kor makes a fool of himself in the middle of a battle and gets the date wrong by about a century, causing all the other Klingons to laugh at him. Still, could be worse, he could have developed incontinence as well.

In the end, the message is clear; people with dementia should commit suicide. Not wanting to go the Dignitas route, Kor decides to go out in a blaze of glory by stealing a ship and taking on a small fleet of Dominion vessels by himself. Thus, Kor gets a fitting mythic end that Klingons will sing songs about for generations, and he saved on travel costs to Switzerland.

The episode is good for the most part, but it feels very staged, with some scenes feeling particularly artificial. It was nice to see Kor one last time, and his death was fitting for the Klingon Kirk. It could have done without the b-story though, the sub-plot about Quark being in love with Ezri is just kinda pathetic.
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