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Re: Crew age and nu-Trek

The "family" idea among the seven is a bit overplayed this early, too.
Then again, the movie turns that into a virtue: the heroes don't just meet - they are destined to meet, come hell or high water (and the movie gives us plenty of both), and in most universes destiny has to take implausible routes to achieve this.

Only in the original TOS universe did the heroes meet realistically; the nuMovie universe is another of those "mirror" worlds in Trek where everything else is reshuffled to make the one piece fit. If Ben Sisko goes over from one universe to another, the destination is tailored to have a Ben Sisko -sized hole there, no matter how unlikely that is. If both Dr Bashir and Major Kira go, the universe caters for those two. And if Spock goes, the universe suddenly bends over backwards to accommodate this, regardless of what it does to the lives of the people native to that universe...

Supposedly such upheavals would be over by the end of the first nuMovie. And by supposedly I of course mean hopefully.

Timo Saloniemi
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