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Re: Fascinating TAS Information

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The most fascinating part of the article was that Gene Roddenberry wanted a gay character on TNG. If that would have happened, perhaps we would have been fully accepted by now. As it is, many of us in the US, and elsewhere, are still waiting for full equality.
I'd aim for full acceptance first. Even here in the liberal UK I'm amazed by how many people openly will talk about "stringing up" gay people, mostly not very nice people who say it, but still.

Personally, as a Trek fan, I thought the best recognition was in Rejoined,, not for the titilating lesbianism, but because every character went on about ancient Trill rules, and the fact both lovers were the same gender was not even an issue.

If anything, I'd leave the more outright statements to shows like Family Guy, who can actually say "F**k off" live on air to peoples and groups, and leave Trek to show a future where no-one bats an eyelid!
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