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Re: Movie Caption Contest #229:

Picard: We have to rectify the timeline from Borg interference -
Svetlana: Yes! Like we rectify timeline from Soran in Nexus with the Captain Kirk.
Picard: Right, because I was in the Nexus and could choose any time to return to, so I chose to return to the mountaintop to fight Soran -
Svetlana: In the very heroic battle costing the Captain Kirk his life!
Picard: Um, right -
Svetlana: Because Soran did not prepare for lengthy battle on rickety metal bridge and timeline was mostly restored after he eat own missile.
Picard: Yes, quite -
Svetlana: Because he can blow up sun, but can not fly into Nexus with Klingon Bird of Prey. He not smart like Starfleet officer.
Picard: Look, what are you -
Svetlana: He never think we kill the Captain Kirk instead of go back to Enterprise B and save Kirk from Nexus and put refugee Soran in holding cell with minimum resistance. Or give him escape pod to fly into Nexus no trouble.
Picard: Now, I don't think -
Svetlana: So we big hero rescue timeline and only put one planet of 230 million peoples at risk. Our fists prevail! Soran big dummy underestimate big Starfleet fist!
Picard: ...
Svetlana: And now we go save timeline again! Kirk would be proud - if he still alive.
Picard: Um, dismissed.

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