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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 69; The Slog

Bashir: "Chief, I think you just hit the "link to facebook" option on that Andorian porn website."
O'Brien: ""

Odo: "My God, Nerys look at this. What was O'Brien thinking."
Nerys *shake her head, "You think you know a guy."

Sisko: "Miles we need to talk."
Nerys: "Why Andorian porn Chief?"
Dax: "I don't know. I think it's kind of hot."
O'Brien: "Sir my wife is going to kill me."
Sisko: "Relax Chief, it couldn't be that bad."

Jake: "My dad was wrong it is that bad."
Bashir: "I'll help him if she ever stops hitting him."

Worf: "Did I miss anything while I was on vacation."
Morn: "Well that Chief O'Brien guy is dead now."
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