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Re: Fascinating TAS Information

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History has proved that Star Trek works on the big screen better than on television.
I'd have to respectfully disagree with that notion. I don't think history has "proved" any such thing. Star Trek was birthed as a television concept, and I've often felt that it just feels most at home as a weekly television series. Big screen Star Trek has always had to make compromises to the format which don't usually pan out to a very 'good' representation of the true heart of Star Trek. Even if said compromises do make for better movies.

I mean, just look at TNG's translation to the big screen. People often say the TNG movies didn't "feel" right, they say Picard acted out-of-character or whatever. The truth is that the specified format -- self-contained two hour stories -- require that kind of condensing of character. When you've only got two hours to tell your story, then the substance of that story is always going to be very different. What works terrifically on television doesn't always translate to the cinema screen very well at all.

For my money, Star Trek is just at it's best on television. Whatever medium it exists in, it only needs to have the right people in charge, somebody with direction. Personally, I'd very much have welcomed a 'Phase II' television series in the 1970s.

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