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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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Actually, yes.

I think your cynicism stands in your way here.
so you could travel through the stars, join star fleet, write a holo novel, explore the ruins of blah blah three, anything you want....and you choose to be a waiter

hmm, i think your gullability stands in yours
Yes, why not?

Besides, joining Starfleet isn't that easy.
Writing a holonovel... just because you can do it doesn't mean you're good at it, just look at the fan fiction section here.
Just like here it doesn't matter if its good since your next bowl of soup doesn't depend upon other people buying it. No money also means anyone can build a ship, maybe gun control means some mercenary Ferengi will take it from you but you can run arong in your private Runabout like Captain (rerired) Scott
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