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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

It would have been interesting to see Ezri deal with the Klingon guff Jadzia was always spouting. Let some old Klingon rivals come a' calling. It might have also been intriguing to see Kira host the Dax symbiont for a few days, and deal with deeper held opinions about each other (secret resentments, etc), and other secrets from their past.

Physically I thought Ezri was an interesting choice - she would have to deal with perhaps less male attention than Jadzia was accustomed to as a "Babe," where Ezri was "cute." Not to mention no longer being able to reach the top shelf.

I liked Ezri, but she was written so off-kilter she should have hooked up with Barclay.

The romance with Bashir was too easy. Come on, he really preferred the symbiont to the packaging? Really?? Was he that out of touch with his own biology?

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I'm not a fan of Ezri either. Like ZeNd said, they devoted way too many episodes to her, when the final season really should have been used to tie up all the plot lines. As a result, the finale felt a little too rushed, and the viewers (or at least, this one) felt like the writers were cramming Ezri down their throats. Plus I just couldn't get past her cuteness and her annoying little-girl voice. It made it hard for me to take her seriously. Although I did enjoy when Garak tore her apart in "Afterimage". What can I say? I'm a little evil.

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