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Re: 50th Anniversary Special - Eccleston Reconsidering?

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and disliking RTD's cheesy OTT writing
Fairly well known among Who fans. He was also heard yelling at Keith Boak that "I have to act it, but at least I don't have to watch this shit!"

He's on record as praising the Moffat 2-parter he did a bunch of times but uh... that's it as far as his episodes go.

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I'm starting to fear my fellow Whovians are getting their hopes up WAY too high, and whatever Moffat and the BBC come up with this fall isn't gonna clear the bar. Ironic as this may sound, throwing everything AND the kitchen sink at the screen was a lot easier in 1983 than it is now.

As long as we get Sylvester McCoy back for the anniversary, I'll be happy. If it's JUST Tennant then I'll be pretty pissed.
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