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What was TNG's very best 'Mindscrew Episode'?

TNG had a good line in what I like to call 'Mindscrew Episodes'. You know the sort of thing, the ones where there's all sorts of weird goings-on and the viewer at home gets thrown lots of curve balls along the way. Literally screwing with the viewers expecations. Whatever our opinions about his later work, I have to give Brannon Braga his due: he was very good at writing these kinds of stories.

Contenders might include things like "Where Silence Has Lease", "Cause And Effect", "Parallels", "Schisms", "Realm Of Fear", "Genesis", "Violations", "The Game", "Remember Me", "Frame Of Mind". And no doubt many more than I can't think of off the top of my head. You get the idea of the sort of episode I mean, though.

Which of them would you say is your favorite 'Mindscrew Episode'?

For my money, "Frame Of Mind" is the king of them. An excellent performance from Jonathan Frakes is icing on the cake for a story where we, along with Riker, begin to honestly believe that Number One has gone insane. Still gives me chills every time I rewatch it.
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