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Re: Episode of the Week: The Neutral Zone

^ re: Stardate order. It does make me wonder how much of the broadcast schedule was changed following Crosby's departure, and whether there was an intended running schedule that was disrupted because of it. IIRC an earlier episode ("Angel One"?) sees the Enterprise getting an urgent communique from Starfleet about activity along the Romulan Neutral Zone, and the episode ends with a cliffhanger of sorts: the crew racing off to deal with it. Yet, nothing. No follow-up the next week. Tasha Yar was still in that episode, and I'm left to wonder if the idea of using the Romulans had been in place for a while, but they were forced to seperate the episodes after they had to deal with Crosby leaving. They couldn't show "Angel One" as the penultimate episode of the season anymore, and "The Neutral Zone" goes out of it's way to write the apparent Romulan incursion as being something that has only happened recently.
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