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Katawa Shoujo anyone?

Curious if anyone else out there has tried this game.

Actually it's less a game than a 'visual novel'. A cross between a Japanese 'dating sim', and a graphical version of one of those old 'choose your own adventure' books.
The wiki goes into more detail, , but basically it involves a high school boy who after a heart attack, is sent to a special school for disabled teens. Along the way, you hve the choice of meeting five different young women, who, if you make the right choices, can become friends, and with any luck, even lovers. Its all painfully emotional, with both highs and lows, and most will have a hard time not shedding a few tears. If you're the sort who cried at the end of the Walking Dead game, then this might be for you.

The one thing I love about this game is that the girls actually have fairly deep personalities, and aren't just "cute anime girls who need protecting". If you treat them like that, you're sure to get a bad ending. So far I've played through two story arcs, over about a week, and its worn me out emotionally. Its pretty rough going.

Theres a nice review with screenshots here:

Since its a 400mb freeware game, you can get it via bittorrent at

Also theres a direct download at Though I'm not sure how secure it is.
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