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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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The obvious answer here would be Wesley. But I'm going with Chakotay. He was more boring than watching your computer defrag.

Chakotay was neutered whilst at least Ezri was allowed to breathe as a character and got a few memorable on screen moments.

The absolute worst character in DS9 history is Mullibok, that stubborn old Bajoran farmer who refused to leave his home. Ezri couldn't even come close to that level of infuriation and exasperation I felt for that Mullibok fellow. At the very least Ezri never had any serious controversial moments unlike other main characters: Sisko poisoning an inhabited planet's atmosphere, Bashir and Worf deciding to remove Kurn's memory WITHOUT consulting Kurn, Odo betraying everyone and briefly siding with the female changeling, O'Brien's one episode trauma of having to deal with being mentally imprisoned for twenty years, Odo professing his love to Kira (admittedly a changeling) one episode AFTER Vedek Bereil died.

No, at least Ezri never had moments like that...
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