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Re: Fictional Places to Avoid

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The place where the ghastly Australian series Blue Heelers was set. I could never bring myself to watch it but going on the previews in TV guides and onscreen, some small town in Victoria was the crime capital of the planet. Murders, kidnappings, drug cartels, gang name it, it happened there. Cabot Cove was entirely crime-free compared to that place.
I think I watched the first couple of episodes but all I know fter that comes from promos and hearing other people talking about the show.

I looked it up on Wikipedia and the town was Mount Thomas and, going by the cast list this small town had 5 policemen assigned to it at the beginning of season one - which must surely make it the most heavily policed small town in Australia.
Not really. Mount Thomas had a population close to 8,000 or 9,000, so that's a modest number of police for a town of that size, not to mention whatever the surrounding population would have been. Statistically Australia has just over 2 police per 1,000 population, so Mount Thomas isn't too bad.
Then they shouldn't be calling Mount Thomas a small town. 8,000 is bigger than all but 5 of the largest population centres in Tasmania.

I believe that the whole of the Forestier/Tasman Peninsula in Tasmania only has two policemen (at least that was the case back in 1996) .They have a population of around 2000, which rises to 8,000 during the tourist/holiday season.

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