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Re: Fringe Series Finale (Discussion, Spoilers)

Held off watching the finale until tonight (Monday). I dreaded seeing the show end. Very touching ending. Peter and Walter as well as September and Michael fully connecting as fathers and sons.

Was really cool seeing the Other Side team helping out. I had a feeling when Windmark was talking to his superior that he had been feeling some emotion. He reminded me a bit of Agent Smith in the Matrix for a moment there. Nice also seeing all the old Fringe diseases and horrifying conditions again -- hi guys.

Going to miss Walter Bishop. He is one of the best sci fi characters ever. He was the kind of character who could say or do anything and wouldn't seem out of character. Initially I was so against a Peter/Olivia hook up, but the writers did a good job making it not cringy.

I've often wondered how people decide on which genre shows to demand all the technobabble, psuedo science and plot twists make perfect sense and which ones to give a pass on.

I didn't think the finale was TNG, BSG, or Six Feet Under great, but it certainly was satisfying.
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