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Re: Haven: Season Three (Discussion, Spoilers)

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I need to know if I understand this.

The female human - Audrey - exists in the Barn. The Barn stores the energy of the Troubles. After 27 years, the Barn is depleted, and the Troubles begin again. She is sent out to gather the energy of the Troubles and transfer them back to the Barn. I think I missed something.
Actually, I think it's more like this:

The woman is immune to the Troubles. The Barn acts an amplifier that projects her immunity to the entire town, but after 27 years she runs out of anti-Trouble energy and has to leave the Barn to recharge herself with, er, Love . . . .
Yeah, that's the ticket.

That was pretty bizarre, even for Haven. All that shooting and jumping and disappearing at the end. And it still didn't really explain anything.

I love that Vince is the Head of the Guard.

Hopefully they have some kind of payoff for the barn. Why is it an amplifier? Why 27 years? Who is Howard? Why is it a barn? Etc. etc...
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