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Re: Does It Get Better???

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More than a day out in space away from the sun and he's as vulnerable as you or me. We discovered this when a face hugger stuck an alien egg down his throat 20 years ago. There was a ticking clock for the reader, but Kal just got out into the sunlight in time as the alien was trying to spread his ribs from the inside... A lot of vomit was involved in the Xenomorph's final exit.
That's really disgusting.....anyway......

Unimatrix Zero Parts 1 and 2: A solid Borg two parter, but not great. I never quite understood the way Unimatrix Zero worked. When the "evil" Borg went into it, why weren't their minds also freed from the collective? Their appearances should have also changed. The whole plot that Janeway came up with to invade the Borg Cube something.....never made a lot of sense to me. They planned on being assimilated? And then they had a way to retain individuality? And Voyager left even though they knew they'd been assimilated and that was all part of the plan....??? I could go on...

Anyway, it was still a fun action-packed episode and I enjoyed it. Some decent romance too. Just wish it had been better.

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