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Re: most "wrong" episode...

Anyway..."Pen Pals" seems to imply that Starfleet ignores non-self made geological disasters that can easily be prevented. That is the height of cowardice. (not including the one with Worf's brother since that seems to have happened quickly)

Personally, I would revise FC protocals to include a civilization on the brink of self-annihilation be it unloading a nuclear arsenal or some kind of cascade thing VOY ran into in the second or third ep. Better to give them a chance of dealing with future shock then just have them all dead.

Edit: "Beverly, history has shown us time and time again, that whenever a society intervenes in the development of a less-advanced one...the results are invariably disasterous"...I would bet that the sabermetric study would show that interfering or not interfering results in the same amount of catastrophic events.

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