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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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Clone Wars on Disney would just be strange. I wonder if they'll keep the content the same or would it be more like Plankton and the Droids?
Disney hasn't acquired studios like Pixar and Marvel and Lucasfilm in order to homogenize them. On the contrary, they're trying to expand their own audience base by acquiring companies that do things they don't do, that appeal to different audiences. Forcing them all into a single "Disney" mold would defeat the whole purpose of acquiring them in the first place. They want them to keep doing what they were doing before. Pixar is still Pixar, Marvel is still Marvel, and Lucasfilm will still be Lucasfilm.

These days, Marvel animated shows air on Disney XD, which is older-skewing and more male-skewing in its target demographic than The Disney Channel. Presumably The Clone Wars would end up there too.
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